Deflationary / Charity / Community driven

We can beat breast cancer. Together!


A deflationary and community-driven token that aids women all over the world in their fight against breast cancer.

Locked Liquidity and Dev wallet

Liquidity and developer wallet are locked until February 1st, 2022, and will be extended once the lock expires.

Deflationary System

​For each transaction we charge the following taxes:

- 6% reward to holders in BUSD
- 4% is returned to the liquidity pool
- 4% is placed in a charity wallet

Charity Oriented

The primary goal is to assist women all over the world in their fight against breast cancer.

BUSD Rewards

For each transaction performed on our smart contract, $MLNX holders that hold 50,000 will be rewarded in BUSD.

Driven by community

Every MELONx decision is made with the assistance of our community.

MELONx Whitepaper

Breast cancer is the second most prevalent cancer diagnosed in women in the United States, after skin cancer.

Breast cancer can affect both men and women, but it affects women significantly more frequently.

You can view the official MELONx whitepaper here.
The whitepaper will be updated with new information as it becomes available, so make sure to follow our announcements on social media to stay up to date.

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This is our to-do list for this year. We aim to be open and honest so you can keep up with what we're up to. When we achieve a new milestone, we will update the website.


Launching Phase
0 - 1,000 holders


Big Push
1,000 - 5,000 holders


The Massive Expansion
5,000 - 10,000 holders


Final Purpose

Create a cryptocurrency donation platform to help over 2,500 women fight breast cancer. Our deadline is the end of the year 2022.

Not your usual DeFi project

Let's save as many lives as we can!

MELONx was created specifically to help women all over the world who are currently battling breast cancer. We sincerely hope they succeed. Join our movement and together we can make this a reality.

Our last donations

As we are still in the early stages, our goal is to make at least
two donations per week. You will be able to see where we donated as well
as proof in this section.
  • Marissa Hogan

    On Thursday, May 18th, Marissa Hogan was diagnosed with breast cancer (infiltrating duct carcinoma) at the age of 29.

  • Loryn Hicks

    Loryn Hicks was diagnosed with breast cancer last week after multiple lumps were found and a biopsy was performed.

  • Tracie

    Tracie, a single mother of 2 was recently re-diagnosed with cancer. 2021 marked her 11th year in remission after beating it in 2010. Sadly, a lump discovery has led to her re-diagnosis.

  • Jillian Schlueter

    Jillian Schlueter, has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 26.

  • Ashley Palutis

    Ashley Palutis Leiss is a beloved wife to her adoring husband Erick and a devoted mother to 7-year-old twin girls Molly and Julia. Ashley was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 35.

  • Corinne

    Corinne already battled with breast cancer once and won along with numerous other health issues. Corinne is now battling cancer once again within her liver and bones.

  • Caitlin Blake

    Our dear Caitlin was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2021 and has recently learned that it has metastasized to her bones and liver. She is a devoted wife to Davey, incredible mother to Julia and Joseph, amazing daughter, sister, niece, friend, and coworker.

Our next donation?

Join our Telegram community and cast your vote for the next breast cancer fighter to receive a donation.


What you need to know about MELONx ($MLNX)

MELONx ($MLNX) was created and deployed by DRIVENteam. All the members are doxxed on DRIVENx.finance
DRIVENecosystem (or just DRIVEN) is a small start-up that aims to integrate cryptocurrencies into everyday life through the use of smart applications. Our primary goal is to make cryptocurrency as simple to use as FIAT.
Our primary goal is to reach as many women as possible who have been diagnosed with breast cancer in order to win the battle against it. We also intend to create a platform for cryptocurrency donations.
Our goal is to have the platform completed by the end of 2021. Development has already begun, and we expect to begin beta testing soon. In the meantime, we will create all necessary documentation.
MELONx ($MLNX) was launched on 28th May 2021.