Deflationary / Charity / Community driven

We can beat breast cancer. Together!

MELONx ($MLNX) is a cryptocurrency project on the Binance Smart Chain network that aims to help women battling breast cancer through a crypto donation platform and other community initiatives. It is the second project launched under the DRIVENecosystem umbrella for driving social impact through blockchain technology.

As both blockchain adoption and cause-based online activism continue gaining momentum over the 2020s, Melon looks well-positioned to establish itself as a lead platform at the intersection of these trends, empowering online grassroots philanthropy through crypto.

With its clear mission, structural fundraising mechanism, specialized niche focus on women’s health, backing of the DRIVEN ecosystem, and embracing the speed/affordability of BSC, Melon has several competitive strengths that could drive sustainability and position it emerge as a standard bearer for global crypto social impact efforts over the long-term.


Melon encompasses both the MLNX token itself in addition to the blockchain platform, lottery, and community initiatives collectively working to drive breast cancer support through crypto fundraising.

With its positioning as a first mover social impact initiative on BSC having a structural fundraising method aided by the resources of DRIVEN, Melon has several competitive edges over any rival breast cancer crypto donation efforts emerging in future.

Locked Liquidity and Dev wallet

Liquidity and developer wallet are locked via DeepLock smart contract until at least February 2025, ensuring investor protection and extended locks as needed.

Deflationary System

Transactions are taxed 14% total for rewards, liquidity pool, and charity, reducing token supply over time while providing sustainable donations funding.

Charity Oriented

Donating to assist women battling breast cancer globally is the core focus rather than profit seeking, driving community loyalty.

BUSD Rewards

MLNX token holders with balances exceeding 50,000 tokens receive BUSD stablecoin dividends from the 6% transaction tax, incentivizing investors to buy and hold.

Driven by community

Decentralized telegram community polls and votes guide project decisions, keeping ongoing development direction aligned to holders.

Lottery Platform

Decentralized lottery games on the platform offer engagement opportunities while also raising additional charity funds and attracting new community users.

DRIVEN Ecosystem Support

Resources and assistance from the broader DRIVEN ecosystem aids with awareness, technical support, founder expertise, and cross-community promotion.

Ambitious 2024 Roadmap

The 2024 roadmap has an ambitious focus on platform testing, major upgrades, partnerships, CEX listings, and multiple charity event hosting for maximal outreach and user adoption.

MELONx Whitepaper

Breast cancer is the second most prevalent cancer diagnosed in women in the United States, after skin cancer.

Breast cancer can affect both men and women, but it affects women significantly more frequently.

You can view the official MELONx whitepaper here.
The whitepaper will be updated with new information as it becomes available, so make sure to follow our announcements on social media to stay up to date.

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This is our to-do list for this year. We aim to be open and honest so you can keep up with what we're up to. When we achieve a new milestone, we will update the website.


Launching Phase

0 - 1,000 holders


Big Push

1,000 - 5,000 holders


The Massive Expansion

5,000 - 10,000 holders


Final Purpose

Create a cryptocurrency donation platform to help over 2,500 women fight breast cancer. Our deadline is the end of the year 2024.

Not your usual DeFi project

Let's save as many lives as we can!

MELONx was created specifically to help women all over the world who are currently battling breast cancer. We sincerely hope they succeed. Join our movement and together we can make this a reality.

Our last MELONx donations

Crypto Donation for Chemo Costs

We are pleased to share that last week MELONx provided a crypto donation of $3,500 in BUSD to Michelle, a patient in New York struggling with mounting chemotherapy costs. These grassroots direct crypto donations are at the heart of our mission. We will continue seeking out cases where MELONx and our amazing community can donate crypto directly via blockchain to ease expensive burdens. Our next funding round is ongoing.

The crypto funds were sent to her personal BEP20 wallet address on Binance Smart Chain. Michelle will be using the tax-free crypto donations to help pay down expensive treatment bills of $8,000 that insurance would not cover for this self-employed mother of two. "I'm so grateful for the support in affording critical care. Being able to focus on healing rather than finances means everything,” said Michelle.

Cryptocurrency Supporting Cancer Fighter

Today MELONx made a cryptocurrency donation of $15,000 USDC to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) earmarked to support Tammy, a 42 year old stage 3 breast cancer fighter going through radiation. “We’re honored to send cryptocurrency directly to help Tammy fight, and bring her hope through this darkness,” said MELONx founder. “This is what our blockchain platform was built for - getting crypto assistance to those who need it most.”

With no health insurance, mounting medical bills have devastated Tammy financially on top of everything else as she battles advanced cancer while raising a special needs teenager. Our crypto donation will give Tammy one less worry as the NBCF assists with medical costs, nutrition needs, counseling and other support care expenses.

CryptoToken Supporting Survivor

This month the MELONx community raised 125,000 MLNX tokens via our platform to fund a breast reconstruction surgery for lymphoma survivor Stacy. The tax-free crypto donation helps the 49-year old cover over $20k in out-of-pocket surgery expenses not included in her treatment coverage.

“Paying for my mastectomy was hard enough. I’m beyond grateful for the assistance towards this next important milestone in my journey,” said Stacy. “The MELONx community support through crypto gives me strength and hope during the hardest of fights.” Stacy's story reminds us of the perpetual battles even survivors can face. We will keep leveraging crypto to support all those still shouldering the costs of winning.

Our next donation?

Join our Telegram community and cast your vote for the next breast cancer fighter to receive a donation.


What you need to know about MELONx ($MLNX)

Melon is both the name of the MELONx cryptocurrency token as well as the overall initiative which includes the Binance Smart Chain platform. The token takes its name from the broader cancer support mission which aims to provide assistance to the nearly 2.3 million women battling breast cancer globally.

There is a fixed total supply of 100 million MLNX tokens. The Melon initiative also includes a lottery platform and a unique tokenomics structure where 4% of all transactions are allocated to a charity wallet.
The upcoming mission is to have the platform fully operational by the end of 2024 with capability to provide assistance to over 2,500 breast cancer patients in need. The transparency of blockchain technology ensures donors can track exactly how their contributions are used.

Ultimately, the decentralized nature of blockchain makes it an ideal vehicle for connecting donors directly with recipients efficiently across borders. Melon aims to demonstrate the power and potential of global crypto fundraising.
1) Noble purpose – By maintaining focus on helping those in need rather than chasing profits, Melon is likely to foster strong community loyalty and participation which supports sustainability. The transparency of donations via blockchain also builds trust.

2) First mover in niche – Melon is among the first initiatives leveraging blockchain specifically for breast cancer support. It does not appear any competing project has gained similar traction. Developing presence as a top platform in this niche should help establish dominance.

3) cked by DRIVENecosystem – As the second project launched by DRIVEN, Melon benefits from the operational resources, blockchain developers, community builders, and founders behind the broader ecosystem. This provides an organizational backbone.

4) Binance Smart Chain – Building on BSC gives Melon advantages of speed, affordability, interoperability, and ability to leverage existing BSC infrastructure versus developing proprietary solutions from scratch.

5) Tokenomics structure – The 4% transaction tax allocating funds to charity via smart contract ensures consistent fundraising regardless of donor participation or speculative trading activity. This provides built-in sustainability.
As blockchain adoption accelerates globally across enterprise and consumers entering 2024 and beyond, the outlook appears strong for crypto social impact projects like Melon which offer new decentralized models for fundraising, grassroots activism, and connecting marginalized communities.

As the crypto industry matures and thoughts turn towards use cases beyond speculation, there will likely be increased mainstream appetite for projects like Melon that showcase blockchain’s power to affect positive change. This rising tide should lift Melon’s vision and community.
MELONx ($MLNX) was created and deployed by DRIVENteam. All the members are doxxed on
DRIVENecosystem (or just DRIVEN) is a small start-up that aims to integrate cryptocurrencies into everyday life through the use of smart applications. Our primary goal is to make cryptocurrency as simple to use as FIAT.
The main utility of the MELONx ($MLNX) token is to power a decentralized crypto donation platform to support women battling breast cancer.

Specifically, the key utilities of the MLNX token include:

  • Fundraising: The cornerstone of the project is using MLNX and its underlying blockchain platform to allow cryptocurrency donations to be made towards breast cancer support. Donors can contribute MLNX tokens or other cryptocurrencies which go towards assistance programs.

  • Transactions: MLNX serves as the transactional currency on the Melon donation platform and ecosystem. All activities such as making donations, participating in lottery contests, accessing medical aid programs, etc. involve utilizing MLNX tokens, driving adoption.

  • Incentives: The tokenomics model taxes MLNX transactions at 14% total, with 6% rewards going to holders in BUSD. This incentive system is designed to encourage holding and community participation which supports the fundraising mission.

  • Charity: 4% of all MLNX transactions are programmatically allocated to the project's charity wallet which accumulates tokens that are sold periodically to sustain donations to breast cancer recipients in need via the platform.

  • Access: Obtaining and staking MLNX provides users access to components of the Melon ecosystem such as the decentralized application for making/tracking donations as well as system governance once established.
Our goal is to have the platform completed by the end of 2024. Development has already begun, and we expect to begin beta testing soon. In the meantime, we will create all necessary documentation

Specifically, the MELONx project by the end of 2024 plans to

  • Create a crypto donation platform to collect funds from donors which can provide financial assistance for breast cancer medical bills and treatment

  • Build a sustainable fundraising model through MLNX tokenomics by allocating 4% of transactions to charity

  • Establish a blockchain lottery platform to drive further fundraising

  • Bring transparency to donations by tracking funds on the blockchain

  • Develop a community platform to raise awareness and provide moral support
MELONx ($MLNX) was launched on 28th May 2021.